Friday, September 7, 2012

||Product Review|| Twists 'n Locs Olive Oil Super Medicated Growth Spray

Hey Guys!
I was contacted a short while ago by the company Twists 'n Locs to review a product of my choice. After looking at their website, I decided to choose the Medicated Growth Spray. 

I've used up quite a bit!

Ingredients: Aqua [water], Olea Europea [olive oil], Melaleuca Allernifolia [tea tree oil], Glycerin, Apocynum Cannabinum [Indian Hemp], Aloe Barbadensis [aloe vera], Triticum Vulgare Germ [wheat germ], Retinal Palmitate [vitamin A], Ergocalciferlol [vitamin D], Tocopherol Acetate [vitamin E], Cetrimonium, Methylparaben, Nano Multivitamins A, D, E & F, and Fragrance [parfum].

Claim: Formulated to condition, strengthen and put back vital nutrients while restoring moisture to your twists, locs, braids and natural styles. Leaves hair soft and shiny while it protects hair from sun or chlorine damage. Contains Tea Tree and Olive Oils which minimizes bacterial growth that produces scalp odor. It helps alleviate dry and itchy scalp. Great for all climates.

My Thoughts: My reason for picking this spray out was because of my bout with dry scalp. Seeing tea tree and olive oils being one of the main ingredients also made me want to pick it out. I've been using it while I've had my crochet braids in and itching like crazy! It made my scalp tingle but it wasn't too harsh, it just reminded me of a medicated grease I'd used in the past. I massaged it in like the directions suggested and within about 5 minutes, the tingling and itching had stopped. My scalp did feel moisturized but my hair was itching again halfway through the next day. This would be a great spray to use everyday when you have a protective style and want to stop your scalp from itching so much.

You can buy their products online here. Thanks so much for reading!!!

**This product was sent for review but all of my opinions and thoughts are truthful and my own, as always**