Thursday, September 29, 2011

FOTD: Golden Eyes, Berry Lips

This is just a look I came up with while I was playing around. I took it right back off after I got done taking pictures!! Lol, I hope you enjoy =)

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in 355 Coconut
MAC Studio Fix in NW 45
Sleek MakeUp Blush in Flushed
ELF Complete Coverage Concealer

Urban Decay Primer Potion
ELF Endless Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Palette in Warm
Mark. Keep It Going Longwear eyeshadow & liner in Exposure [brows & crease]
Maybelline Master Drama Eyeliner in Midnight Master
Smashbox Hyperlash mascara 

Revlon Just Bitten in Frenzy
ELF Glossy Gloss in Wild Watermelon

***NOTE: Normally I would wear Urban Decay's De Slick in a Tube and Smashbox primer, but since I knew I wouldn't be keeping it on long, I saved product by skipping it***


Playing with Blue

I was bored and itching to use my SugarPill pigment Starling. I just love this color blue! I reminded myself of a superhero for some reason[ don't ask me why ]. I kept the cheeks and lips neutral. I only have three pictures because I have a really sucky camera and I don't take pictures very well :) Both of those factors equal DISASTER! But oh well. . .Here's the look:
Blurry! :(

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

FOTD:: New Lipstick =)

Now, I don't know if ya'll remember but, in my Fall/Winter wishlist post , I said I was looking for some dark purple lipstick. . .And I found it!! I'm SO excited I didn't have to buy a MAC lipstick! Now, don't get me wrong, I love their lipsticks, but if I can find a drugstore dupe. . .I'm picking it! The one I found was by Revlon and it's called Va Va Violet. Its a deep, dark purple creme lipstick with blue undertones. I took some pics =) BTW I know it was just supposed to be a Fall Look, but the dark lipstick was making me feel evil, so I didn't smile in hardly any pictures haha.

without flash
with flash; you can tell it has blue undertones


Halfway There. . .

I have 25 followers! =) Lol I'm very excited. I'm glad you all enjoy reading my posts enough to subscribe. I'm writing this post to let you know when, I get to 50, I'll do a mini mini giveaway. I love giving away things and I can't wait! TTYL, hope you're having a great Hump Day! =)


Are You Surprised I Have More Glitter? NOTD

Today's featured polish is Sinful Color's "I Miss You". I've had this polish for a very long time, maybe 2-3yrs but I never used it. I'd originally planned to use it as a *bling* nail color but I loved it so much, I decided to feature it all on its own. It's a deep magenta jelly with pink and silver glitter. I was afraid when I saw just one coat, but after I layered the second one, I was pleasantly surprised. The pictures are two full coats before the top coat. Enjoy! =)

With Flash


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Madiha's Sigma Palette Giveaway!

Hey guys! Madiha, of Madiha's Makeup Blog is is giving away a Sigma palette and the winner can choose whether they want the Dare, Flare, or Bare option. The contest ends Oct 1 so hurry up and check out her blog for the official and more detailed rules!


Haul!! Sleek MakeUp && Random Ulta Things

I recently got some new goodies and I wanted to share them with you guys! I haven't had a chance to review them yet, so this will really just be a First Look type post. I have some reviews already set up to post, but let me know if there is anything specific you want to see reviews and swatches of!

Sleek MakeUp Original palette and blushes

Original Palette. Gorgeous colors!

Blush in Flushed
WnW Fantasy Makers Stencil Kit
all My Ulta Stuff!
WnW: Purple Potion & Black Magic; China Glaze: It's Alive
Korres Guava Body Butter

Blush in Scandalous

Well that's all I got for now. I can't wait to see some of your hauls!

My Journey to Healthy, Natural Nails

I've just recently [[about a month ago]] decided to take off my acrylics and start doing my own manicures. To give you a bit of history, I've had acrylics on and off ever since I was around 12y.o. [[when my mom first let me get them done for my 5th grade graduation]]. So I'd have fake nails, take them off, leave them off for a short period of time, and then get them done again. My nails really haven't had a fighting chance. Back then, I really didn't understand that I was ultimately damaging my real nails because they would grow so long under the acrylics. I did, however, notice that when I was between Full Sets, my real nails were very very soft and would easily bend. I guess I somewhat knew it was because of the false nails but I loved getting my nails done and my real nails looked like pure crap so I kept getting them covered up. FAST FORWARD to when I was 18-19y.o. I went to a nail shop to get a manicure so I could stop with the acrylics and they looked HORRIBLE! Needless to say that steered me away from manicures for a couple of years again. One day this summer I was watching MissJenFABULOUS on YouTube [[she's amazing!]] and she mentioned something called a Ridge Filler base coat and I'm like, "....WHAT?! How had I not heard about this before?!" Anyone who has had acrylics and has had them taken off knows that they leave your nails jacked up. A ridge filler base coat [[I use Seche ]] really really helps smooth out your nails. I'm coming to you guys for help on how you have grown your nails and have made them stronger. ANY suggestions are welcomed!!! =)


brittle ugly nails

You can see the healthy nails growing in. I just have to have patience

Monday, September 26, 2011


This Week Only Sept. 25-Oct.1: ULTA is having 40% off ALL cosmetics by: Revlon, Neutrogena, Physicians Formula, and Maybelline Cosmetics!!!! FORTY PERCENT OFF!! That's almost half! Lol, can you tell I'm excited?! Go pick up some cosmetics, I know I will!!!


Lip Balms That Are Worth Trying!!

Hey Peeps!! As I've mentioned a few times, I am a gloss JUNKIE! I love it wayyyyy more than I ever could love lipstick, and maybe one day that'll change, but for now I'm happy with it. Well, recently I've gotten into the "lip balm" phase because almost all of my glosses are colored or shimmery or something! Sometimes I want my lips to be hydrated when I'm just at home hanging out, or even about to go to bed and that's where these lip balms come into play. Now, I am not, nor will I ever be, a Carmex fan! *BLEH* I just don't like how it tastes, I think it gets too much hype from ladies and I think its a man product. AGAIN, those are my thoughts! Don't curse me out if you love it, what doesn't work for me may be a HG item for you and more power to you! I've collected a few mentionable lip balms that I think are worth trying out if you're on the market for a new one!!!

Here they all are!

  1. EOS "Smooth Sphere" Lip balm in Summer Fruit- I really like this lip balm. Although, it wasn't my favorite at first, I find myself reaching for it more and more! It goes on clear, and it has a watermelon, mango, and lemon scent! They really hit the nail on the head with the name. It tastes very good, which is always something I'm looking for. The shea butter and jojoba oil in it keeps my lips very smooth and hydrated. EOS is a 95% organic and 100% natural product, its also Paraben free. It doesn't have SPF in it, so be weary of this. All in all, I'd buy this one again! [These are available at CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Target, Walmart, and]
  2. Burt's Bees 100% Natural Nourishing Lip Balm with Mango Butter- I actually picked this up because I'd thought I lost #3. I thought it would have a colored tint to it, but it is clear. It smells exactly like Mangoes! Scientists really amaze me with how closely they make something smell like a certain item! This doesn't have that much of a taste, but there is a semi-sweet flavor when it's on your lips. The beeswax in this lip balm makes it glide on smoothly, and you can wear it alone without feeling like you need anything extra. Burt's Bees is 100% natural and Paraben free. No SPF in this lip balm. This has sky rocketed into being my number one! [These are available at CVS, Walgreens, Target, Walmart,, and local pharmacies]
  3. Nivea "A Kiss of Milk & Honey" - I picked this up from a referral on YouTube. It's clear and it smells like vanilla and honey. It's one of those scents that you could sit and sniff forever without it being too sweet and making you sick! It goes on the lips a tad bit thicker than the other brands so it's perfect for moisturizing overnight [my use]. This balm has hardly any flavor to it, which is okay because the "non flavor" isn't bad tasting...if that makes any sense. Of course from the name you know it has milk protein and honey in it along with Jojoba and Grapeseed oils. This product does not state that it is Paraben free or organic in any way. It also does not have any SPF. [These are available at CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Target, Walmart, and]  
  4. Burt's Bees 100% Natural Rejuvenating Lip Balm with Acai Berry- This balm came packaged together with #2 so I initially thought it was tinted but, bummer for me, it's clear. It smells like blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, and any other berry you could think of! I'm not sure what an Acai berry smells like, but I'm pretty sure they captured it! It has the same semi-sweet flavor of #2. This is a rejuvenating balm so it has vitamins A, C, D, and E, along with antioxidants and moisturizing Omega Oils. As I said before, Burt's Bees is 100% natural and Paraben free but, again, there's no SPF in this lip balm. [These are available at CVS, Walgreens, Target, Walmart,, and local pharmacies]
  5. Wet N Wild Natural Blend Lip Shimmer in Maple & #6, Cinnamon- I'm going to combine both of these. I picked these up at Walgreen's while shopping during their recent sales. Let me start off by saying these are much more opaque than I expected them to be! I guess looking back, they never really actually say "tint" on them, but that's what I categorized them as when I bought them. Until I put them on.....WOW! You'll see what I mean in the swatches below. Maple is a little uneven and patchy when I was putting it on my lips, but once you get enough on, rub it with your finger and it becomes even. It's a peachy-corally color with a teeny tiny bit of shimmer. I personally think it's too bright for me to wear alone, but I will probably pair it with a gloss so it can sheer out some. Cinnamon is an In Your Face bright burgundy red! It goes on smoothly and almost as opaque as a lipstick. I have never been more shocked with how pigmented these Shimmers are! I personally don't think of Cinnamon as having a shimmer, it's just really glossy. Both of the shimmers smell like mint and, ultimately, taste like it too. These say that they are approved by the Natural Products Association. There is no SPF in these either.[These are available at CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and Winn Dixie]
    7.  Sugar Rosé Tinted Lip Treatment- This is my only High          End lip balm. I got a mini version of this in a kit I ordered from        Sephora. This is my first balm purchased out of all 7. It is the            "greasiest" of the bunch, but it isn't too oily feeling on the lips.          It still feels like its gonna stick and moisturize like it's supposed          to. It smells like lipstick and has virtually no taste to it. It has a         slight pink tint on the lips. This product is Paraben, Sulfate,          Petroleum, and Synthetic Dye free. It also is the only one in          this group  that has a SPF of 15 to protect again UVA/UVB          rays. I would buy this again, but only in the mini size because           at $22.50, I don't think the full size is worth it. [This is available         at Sephora stores, and]


without flash

with flash

WnW Maple

WnW Cinnamon

Fresh Rose
I hope you found out about some good alternatives and new favorites from this post! My favorites are #2 & 3, what are yours? What are your Holy Grail lip balms?


Sunday, September 25, 2011


I've decided on my name!!! I decided to just match it to my twitter, which is _Pretty_Pisces [[<---Follow & tweet me! I follow back!]] 

My URL is now:

I'm EXCITED! I finally feel like I'm *Home* haha

BTW I have a new Header that I'm also excited about!!

That's it for now, Hope you're having a great day!!


If... **TAG!**

 I saw this on Shannon's blog and I think its a cute idea. . . I just copied some of the beginning of some of her "IFs" and entered my own endings! =)

If I could have any job in the world.....
If I had a day to myself.....
If I could live anywhere in the US....
If I had a boy, his name would be....
If I had a girl, her name would be...
If I could have any talent in the world....
If you met me in real life....
If I could get any degree...
If money were not an object I'd drive.....
If I could meet one celebrity it'd be....
If I could only shop at one store for the rest of my life it'd be....
If I got a[nother] pet it'd be....
If I could go on a trip, RIGHT NOW, I'd want to go to....
If I had to choose between a house cleaner and a personal chef, I'd pick.....
If I had the option of plastic surgery I'd get.....

 My Answers:

If I could have any job in the world..... I'd work in Public Relations, or Event planning
If I had a day to myself..... I'd just lay around the house, or go to B&N then take myself to a movie & lunch
If I could live anywhere in the US....I've always wanted to stay in the south, but leave Bama. . .So maybe in SC,NC, or VA
If I had a boy, his name would be.... Jackson, Brent, or Cody. I like those lol
If I had a girl, her name would be... Sarah, Kendall, or Gabrielle
If I could have any talent in the world.... Singing! I sing some now, but I'm nowhere near talented!
If you met me in real life....You'd realized I'm really as bubbly in real life, as I appear on here! Haha
If I could get any degree... I'd get a Master's in Psychology [[My goal!]]
If money were not an object I'd drive.... An all white Range Rover, with nice, simple rims lol
If I could meet one celebrity it'd be.... Wow there are so many! For the sheer LUST factor though. . .Idris Elba =)
If I could only shop at one store for the rest of my life it'd be.... For everything? lol, I guess so. Hmmm... Lane Byant [[even though they're high as hell!]]
If I got a[nother] pet it'd be.... It'd be a dog for sure and it'd either be a Jack Russel, Beagle, or King Charles Spaniel
If I could go on a trip, RIGHT NOW, I'd want to go to....If we're talking money is not an object and I won everything free, it'd be Hawaii!
If I had to choose between a house cleaner and a personal chef, I'd pick...Dang both of those would be wonderful! But uh. . .I love trying new recipes more than I like cleaning lol, so House cleaner!
If I had the option of plastic surgery I'd get...Lipo, tummy tuck, breast & face lift with no hesitation! lol

OK! I *~*~*TAG*~*~* ALL of you reading!! I'm also gonna tag 5 ppl's blog I enjoy reading daily =)

Don't forget to click that link and check out Shannon's blog!!

$^&*&^%$^&!!!! ::Rant::

I am at such a loss for what I want the OFFICIAL name of my blog to be. I like "The Beauty Nerd", but before I decided to fully commit, I Googled it and, guess what? There's already one! Not that I'm surprised. . .I mean, it is pretty Generic. *SIGH* I guess I'm gonna have to rack my brain a little harder to find something. Hope you guys are having a wonderful day! 


Friday, September 23, 2011

I've Got Sunshine. . .On A Cloudy Day! **NOTD**

Here in Alabama it has been raining on and off and looking pretty gloomy. So I decided to bring some brightness in my life and do a bright sunny manicure! I used Wet N Wild's The Wonder Yellows which a bright, pretty neutral toned yellow. I originally didn't like this color and was planning to take it off but after 4 much needed coats of this polish, it started to turn around. Once I added some *BLiNG* fingers of gold {Sinful Color's nail art polish Flower girl} I was definitely on this manicure's side! Hope you like these =) What are your mood/weather boosting polish colors?

Flower Girl, The Wonder Yellows

Natural Light

With Flash

Beauty Tag: This or That?

I was looking on Love, Destinee's blog and noticed she did a very fun, quick, and cute beauty tag that I wanted to try!

Blush or Bronzer?
Lipstick or Lip gloss?
Eyeliner or Mascara?
Foundation or Concealer?
Neutral or Color Eyeshadow?
Loose or Pressed Eyeshadow?
Brushes or Sponges?
Blush or Bronzer?
Definitely blush!! I don't use bronzer at all, but I love to have pink or coral cheeks!

Lipstick or Lipgloss?
I am a gloss girl! If I want a colored lip, I usually go for a highly pigmented gloss

Eyeliner or Mascara?
This is a very hard one for me! I love them both, but I think I could survive without mascara. I love black eyeliner!

Foundation or Concealer?
I have dark acne spots, but I think if you get a full coverage foundation, you could somewhat disguise the spots... So I choose foundation.

Neutral or Colored Eyeshadow?
I reach for colored shadow much more than neutral.

Loose or Pressed Eyeshadow?
Pigments are soooo messy, but I think they are better. If I'm in a rush I'll go for pressed, but if I have time I'll def. reach for my loose shadows.

Brushes or Sponges?
Brushes hands down. The only time I use sponges are if I'm doing my friend's makeup.

I Tag ALL OF YOU! Leave your answers in the comment box or, if you do it on your own blog, link me to it so I can see what you wrote! 



Am I the only one who's excited about summer OFFICALLY being over?! *insert happy dance here* I love going to the beach, swimming, going on picnics, family reunions, and all that other stuff but good riddance! Fall is here and I am way overdue for the cooler weather. I wish it could be fall year round because I don't like winter too much either [[yes I'm picky]]. There are a few Fall/Winter things I have on my wish list that I want to get and I thought I'd share them with you guys! =)

1. Peacoat: I love the look of these! They just look SO...chic and preppy. LOVE!   
2. Riding boots: I think these, too, look chic. They are so classic and will last a long time! 
3. Wedge booties: I fell in love with these at the store and HAD to get them! They are so comfy!
[Sry about the quality]
4. A deep mauve/purple blush: I think this color would be perfect for the colder seasons "Pomegranate" 
5. A Nude Lipstick that actually looks good on my skin complexion! "Lush Amber" [this looks nice]
6. A deep, dark typical fall color lipstick "Cyber" [gorgeous!]
7. Polishes from Fall collections! "French Quarter for Your Thoughts" "Sew Psyched"
Those are some of the things I want to be getting in the next coming months!! What are your wishlist items? Leave me a comment down below! =) *MWAH!*

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My TOP 15 Favorite E.L.F. Products! [[PIC HEAVY]]

I first discovered E.L.F [[Eyes Lips Face]] in the summer of 2010 and I've been in love ever since. If you are not familiar with ELF, what rock have you been hiding under?! HaHa! They are a very inexpensive brand with high quality products. Most of their products are either $1, $3, or $5, or course they have different kits nd makeup sets that cost more but the majority of their individual items are those prices. I had the pleasure of winning their Birthday Celebration grand prize in August so I got a chance to try a lot of their products! Their website is, check them out because they are ALWAYS having sales! Here are my top 15 products I love from them. Enjoy! =)

Here's all the goodies!
The First things I'll delve into are the lip products:

L to R: ELF Glossy Gloss in Wild Watermelon, Berry Blush, and Muted Mauve; Moisturizing Lip Tint in Berry

Wild Watermelon

Berry Blush
Muted Mauve
Lip Tint in Berry

Next are the eye products:
From T to B: Beauty School 32 Piece Eyeshadow Palette Vol. 1; Little Black Beauty Book Vol. 1
From T to B: Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Black and Teal; Eyelid primer in Sheer
Now for the face products: 
Clockwise: Blush in Merry Merry, Complete Coverage Concealer in Dark, Blush in Blushing Rose

From L to R: Berry Merry and Blushing Rose

Concealer swatches with flash
Lastly, tools and random products:
L to R: Small precision brush and [very dirty] Stipple Brush

T to B: Makeup Remover Cloths and Oil Blotting sheets
*WHEW!* You still with me?? Those are my top 15 things I always reach for from E.L.F.! If you want any in depth reviews or better swatches, PLEASE let me know! This is not the extent of my ELF collection, so if there was something specific you wanted to see and I didn't show, ask and I may have it! Thanks for reading!