Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New NYX Round Lipsticks!

Hey Guys!
I recently got some NYX lipsticks from a fellow beauty enthusiast that was purging her collection.

B52 | Femme | Pandora

  • B52[Soft Mauve Pink]- This is a cream finish and would be a great pinky nude.
  • Femme [Bright Pink Red]- I personally don't think of this as having any pink at all. I think it looks like a cream version of their matte lipstick "Indie Flick". It's a hot red-orange in my opinion.
  • Pandora[Violet]- This is a really pretty purple but it's a frost and I don't like that formula of lipstick. Super pretty color nonetheless!


I do plan on ordering some more of these lipsticks because I do like the formula and the pigmentation. You can buy these lipsticks at Ulta or online at or They run anywhere from $3-4!

Do you have any color suggestions that I should try? 

Thanks so much for reading!