Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mini MAC Archie's Girls Collection Haul + Swatches!

Hey Guys!!

Tomorrow [Thursday, February 7th] MAC is releasing their Archie's Girls Collection in US stores, but [like usual] they released the collection online a few days earlier! I have always been an Archie's Comics fan. I used to love getting them from the grocery store when I was younger.

I only picked up a few things because not much appealed to me. This was a huge collection and thankfully I didn't want more!

How cute is the packaging?! 

Let me say how happy I was that these were actual boxes and not just sleeves on the regular boxes like the past LE collections have been. I also love the white color. Some say the packaging is cheesy or corny, but it's based off of a comic book, so what do you expect?! Haha I think it's very well done.

I picked up four things, but I'm going to show you three because the fourth hasn't arrived yet.

I picked up the blush from Veronica's side:

Prom Princess is described as a mid-tone violet pink and it's a Satin. This is my first MAC blush and I love the texture and how well it blends out![$22 USD]

I picked up two lip glasses, one from each "side":


Kiss & Don't Tell is described as a bright coral.[$16.50USD]


Mall Madness is described as a mid-tone pink violet.[$16.50USD]

These are also my first ever MAC lip glasses[shocker!]. They are known to have a slightly stickier texture, but I realized that the formula helps it last longer on the lips. I got about four to five hours wear [with minimal drinking] from Mall Madness.

Well that's my haul! I hope this helped some of you with making choices for you list! 

Do you plan to pick something up from this collection?
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