Saturday, December 14, 2013

Naked3 Swatches + Review (WOC Worthy?)

Hey Guys!

I apologize if this is, like, your 100th post about the Naked3 that's popped up on your blog feed in the past couple of weeks, but I just wanted to put my swatches up. I'm not sure how many brown girls have them up and I just want to help in any way possible! :)

So... as you know (or maybe not), the Naked3 is the "rosy" sister palette of the Naked dynasty that Urban Decay has so eloquently built. Like in the past, for $52, you get 12 [all new!] shades and this time the palette comes with a double ended synthetic brush and four Urban Decay Primer Potion samples.

The packaging is the same as the Naked2 except it has this beautiful water ripple effect on the top. I personally don't own the Naked2 so I can't really vouch for the stability of the packaging. 

Let's get onto the swatching!

Strange | Dust | Burnout | Limit | Buzz | Trick
Thoughts On The First Six Shades:

  • Strange & Limit are the only two matte shades. They have good pigmentation and aren't chalky on my skin.
  • Dust is very, very odd. One minute it swatches wonderfully & the next it's all patchy and sheer. Be aware of that when using it on the eye.
  • Trick is aptly named because you have to pull out some tricks to get this very sheer shade to show up. It's one of the more unique shades since it has a peachy-golden shift, so it's very disappointing that it requires so much work.

Nooner | Liar | Factory | Mugshot | Darkside | Blackheart

Thoughts On The Last Six Shades:

  • I love every one of these shades!! 
  • Factory is my favorite shadow out of all the colors, followed by Darkside.
  • Nooner is the only matte shade in this group and is such a unique color. I cannot wait to play with it!
  • With the shimmery shades, you'll probably need to tap off your brush so you don't experience fallout.

Final Verdict:

Do you need this palette? YES! Even if you have the other two, I still say yes. The only way I'd say steer clear is if pink shadows don't look particularly well on your eyes. Most importantly, is this black girl friendly? Yes it is! I see myself using this so much and I'm very excited! Stay tuned for an upcoming post about possible drugstore "dupes". 

This is currently sold out on, but it's on and it's also in stores, so go run and purchase!

What do You Think Of This Palette?
 Is It Worth It For You?

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