Friday, June 13, 2014

Pups Need Fresh Breath Too!

*sent for review*

Hey Guys!

Any of you have pups out there? Well, I have a little chihuahua mix and I love her like I birthed her myself!

Vetiq contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in trying out some things for my girl & I thought, why not? 

They sent two products: The Vitamin Chews & Minties.

The Vitamin Chews are small semi-soft vitamins that makes your dog think they're getting a treat, but actually they're getting 19 vitamins & minerals vital for their health! If only getting kids to eat their veggies was this easy!

The Minties are the real winner here. Dog breath is real people... It's real and it's foul and it's most of the time unbearable. I guess when you eat your own poop, you aren't expected to have fresh breath, right? I digress. Zoe loved these the most. I guess it was a little sweet treat everyday. I loved them too because it not only made the kisses she loves to give me a bit more bearable, they clean her teeth and remove plaque! Win-Win.

These products are made in the US are a Veterinarian approved. My girl loves them and I'm sure yours will too!!