Tuesday, October 23, 2012

REVIEW:: Ada Cosmetics Blush in Dorothy

I just love multi-purpose products, don't you? Well, I accidentally discovered this blush I received in my October My Shade of Brown box is just that!

The Dorothy blush is a brown with a pink undertone. It's really easy to blend out and has an incredibly smooth texture. I initially thought it wouldn't look good on my skin so I found another great use for it. It's awesome as a base shadow to help blend out the other shadows you put on your eyes!

When I thought it wasn't the shade for my skin, I was was wrong! The pink undertones in this blush gives off the perfect flushed cheek look on me. Be on the lookout for a FOTD with me using this blush both ways.

This blush retails for $12.50 and you can purchase it, along with an entire line of cosmetics on their website.

Thanks so much for reading!!!