Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fragrances & Body Lotions I've Been Loving Lately

Hey Guys!!

I'm not really a seasonal scenter, which means I don't really change up what I'm wearing because it's more of a *insert season here* smell.

I have been liking some stereotypical Spring scents though, so I thought I'd share!

  • Bath & Body Works Rays Of Citrus Fine Fragrance Mist: This isn't a typical citrus scent, it has somewhat of a musky undertone. It's unfortunately discontinued, but if you want a light citrus body mist, I suggest this one.
  • Beyonce Pulse Eau de Parfum Spray:  *notes: a blend of Ripe mandarin, juicy pear, spicy ginger orchid and tangy orange blossom.* I love how light this fragrance is!! One thing I do notice when I rub it into my skin is that it emits a lovely vanilla scent [I researched and Madagascar vanilla is a base note]. My only complaint is that it doesn't last long. It does have a better staying power when it's layered with it's lotion though.
  • Ixora Botanical Beauty Whip It Up Shea Butter in Vanilla: I love to support small businesses, especially when they know what they're doing! IxoraBB sells body/hair products and the WIUSB is great at moisturizing your skin. They have tons of scents, but I got vanilla because I know I can wear it under any fragrance I happen to put on! *Website*
  • The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter: This smells SO good!! If you weren't aware, Satsumas are a type of orange and this butter is full of tangy, citrusy scented goodness! It melts into your skin and leaves it feeling super soft. I use this on my neck/arms only because I don't want waste too much product!!

If you couldn't tell I love the smell of citrus!! It's probably my favorite tied with tropical scents [pineapple, coconut, & mango]. These four are all light scents that I think are great for this season!!

What have you been wearing lately??