Monday, March 10, 2014

REVIEW | Bikini Zone

 *Disclaimer: Purchased with my own money*

Hey Guys!!

Since warmer weather is right around the corner *crosses all fingers and toes*, I want to talk to you about something not many want to talk about, but probably have issues with. I'm talking about... *ahem* razor bumps. Now, if you don't get them, Great! Pass this post on to a friend that does, but if you do, I have a product that I think will help you tremendously. I know it's helped me a ton. I'm talking about the medicated creme Bikini Zone.

Now, Bikini Zone has lots of different varieties of products and you can research more on their site to see which one suits you the best. I only saw the medicated creme when perusing my local Target, so that's what I snatched up.

Bikini Zone® Medicated Creme

  • Extra Sensitive formula
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Instant relief from irritation, pain and itching
  • Smoothes away bumps
  • Will not stain lingerie, swimsuits or clothing
  • Daily use can help keep you irritation free and smooth all year long

I don't necessarily shave down there all the time, I prefer other hair removal methods, but I do shave my underarms and that is where I get the worst razor bumps. I've tried many different razors, shave gels, techniques, but nothing worked. That was my main reason for picking this up, I thought, "If it works for somewhere as sensitive as the bikini line, it has to work for my underarms, right?!" Right. I hate wearing sleeveless tops sometimes because, even though, my underarms are hairless, there are about 3-4 huge razor bumps and a couple small ones there. That's so embarrassing. No high fives for me! But, after buying this Bikini Zone, I've felt a little more comfortable. 

So How Do You Use It?:
I know what you're thinking... don't you need to use deodorant? Yes, and I do, just after I've applied the creme. Directly after I shave my arms in the shower, I apply a small pea sized amount to each of my armpits and let it soak in while I lotion up and get ready. Around the time I'm ready to put on my clothes, it's soaked in and I apply my deodorant....Sometimes I forget!! Thank God for the travel size I keep in my purse... whew. I've also let this stay on my skin overnight and put on deodorant in the morning. Either way, it works and my razor bumps are reduced tremendously. It doesn't leave any kind of residue or ashyness behind and I can wear a sleeveless shirt that same day without any issues.

I think this is a life saver for ladies who like the smoothness a shave gives, but sometimes deals with unsightly, itchy razor bumps that comes afterwards. I highly highly recommend it! Pick it up at your local drugstores, Walmarts & Targets for around $8.99.

Do You Have Shaving Issues? What Have You Found That Works For You?

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