Friday, February 10, 2012

I Got Mail! Coastal Scents' Hot Pots

Hey guys! 

After seeing Tamara's video about Coastal Scent's hot pots and how pigmented they were, I had to snag some! I ordered on Friday and they arrived yesterday[Thursday], so not too bad!! 

This is how the shadows arrived.

I ordered 24 shadows. I tried to order in increments of 12 because with every 12 hot pots ordered, you get a free 12 pan palette! Score! 

My bright, "fun" colors.

My more neutral colors.

I love how they came individually packaged with the color's number on the outside. I also like that they were already packaged in similar colors. I didn't group them together in the photos above, they came that way! I thought that was really neat. The hot pots have the actual name on the bottom of them but I forgot to get a picture of that. If there are any shadows you see and want to know the specific name, let me know and I'll look for you! =) 

WARNING!! The swatches on the website are not truly accurate. When picking these colors, I mostly relied on the description Coastal Scents provided and the reviews people left. They were a big, big help!!

This is what the shadows look like in their palettes:

The palettes have huge mirrors that is the size of the entire top part! That'll be really good for travelling and doing your makeup on the go! I would've taken pictures with the mirror, but the reflection made it seem like I had double shadows, so I cropped them out lol.

Swatches[without a base]:

Look how pigmented these are! [please excuse my nails haha]

This is my colorful palette. I didn't get as good as a swatch as I'd liked to and these aren't in the same order as they are in the palette. 

This is the neutral palette and I swatched these in the same order as they are in the palette. These are so pretty!

I was also sent a mini sample of a shadow called Cozumel! It's such a pretty baby blue. I don't think I have a color like this in my entire eyeshadow arsenal collection!

The picture doesn't show it well, but it has tiny blue sparkles.

First Impression: I am super impressed with these shadows!! I've never had any Coastal Scents shadows before and this definitely exceeded my expectations. The matte shades aren't chalky and seem to be really easy to blend. The metallic shades might have a little fall out if you get too much shadow on your brush, but if you just tap off the excess, it'll be fine. You can get these at for $1.99 and some are even on clearance for $1.49. 

I say try them out [I just went on the website and see they have new ones now! Dangit] because they're really reasonable. Get 12 so you can get a palette to put them in! =)

Have you tried these, or any Coastal Scents products before? Thanks so much for reading!

[I bought these with my own money. I am not being compensated for this post. These are my honest opinions]