Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Life Thru The Lens

I've been crazy busy lately so I haven't had time to post like I'd like to, BUT [If you know me] I have been taking pictures like crazy! So every once in a while, I'll do these type of picture posts that show what's been going on in my life. Follow me on Instagram too if you haven't already-----> PrettyPisces

My easter egg mani

Dollar General haul

Tried to contour

How hot are these?!

New glasses!!

My favorite new Spring polish!

My & Karma's awesome pastel nails

You know I had to get the pumps!

New skincare regimen I'm trying. Crossing fingers for clearer skin!!

MAC's Heroine lipstick is my new favorite. I need a backup, ASAP!

Instagram =)

Orange eyes =)

Be on the look out for some GRWM [Get Ready with Me] videos on the last two looks above!! 
Do You like these types of posts? If you want reviews on anything I showed above, leave a comment!!!

Thanks for reading!!!