Monday, April 9, 2012

New Piercing!

I don't know if you follow me on Twitter or not, if you do, you'd know I have a new piercing!! I'd been contemplating this for a while & I was going back and forth. I choose piercings over tattoos any day, I've had 4 others and only have two of those left. So yeah, I'm a needle lover!! What did I get pierced, you ask?

My Septum! I know a lot of you will refer to it as a "bull piercing" lol and that's okay because you won't be the only ones. I'm really happy with it & it didn't hurt to get it at all, it felt like a little pinch!! If you want to see me get it done, just watch the video below!!

A farther away picture

Thanks so much for reading!! Do you have any body art?!