Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Beauty Supply Store Haul!!

Hey Guys!!
I recently discovered a BSS that sold some NYX & Ruby Kisses products so I decided to just get a few things I'd been curious of. I also picked up some Nicka K lipsticks as well.

Here's a look of all the products I got
Products from L-R:

  • Nicka K lipstick in Lavender Tint
  • Nicka K lipstick in Orange Tint
  • NYX Girls gloss in Pinky Natural
  • NYX Girls gloss in Apricot
  • NYX Girls gloss in Doll Pink
  • NYX lip liner pencil in Fuchsia
  • NYX lip liner pencil in Deep Purple
  • Ruby Kisses 3D Face Creator concealer in Level 14

As you can see I went slightly lip product crazy!! Haha, here are swatches:

Products are swatched in the same order as listed

I have a feeling this concealer may be slightly too light for me. You can see the drastic contrast between my skin color and it's color, but we'll see!

Well that's all the products I've picked up recently. Check out your local beauty supply stores, you never know what what you may find! Thanks so much for reading.

P.S. One of these products will be in My Wack/Win Wednesday post. . .can you guess which one and if I'll like it or not?!