Saturday, July 14, 2012

New Segment Approaching!

Starting next week, Wednesday to be exact, I'll be starting a new segment on my blog. Every Wednesday I will do a short review of a certain product and it'll either be a...

or a...

Wack Wednesdays will be a review on a product that didn't work too well for me. I'm not necessarily saying that it wouldn't work for you, it just doesn't fit my personal likings.

Win Wednesdays will be a review on a product I absolutely love and want to tell you more about!

Again, these will be short and to the point reviews just to tell you some things I've been loving and hating. There will be pictures & swatches if applicable. 

I will also be doing a conjunction video review on my YouTube channel [you can click to my channel at the bottom of the page]. I'm really excited about this and I cannot wait until Wednesday!

Thanks so much for reading =)