Saturday, December 1, 2012

Breaking Dawn Prize Mail from Ulta! [+ Swatches & First Impressions]

Hey Guys!
A few weeks ago I won a twitter giveaway. It was some of the Essence Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 line! Exciting!!

I received four pigments: 

[L-R] Jacob's Protection, Alice Had A Vision. . .Again, Edward's Love, and A Piece of Forever

I received two face powders; a blush and shimmer powder:

[L-R]  Bella's Secret & Renesmee Red

There was also a lipstick, lipgloss and glitter eyeliner:

[L-R] A Piece of Forever lipstick, Renesmee Red lipgloss, and Jacob's Protection eyeliner

There was also a Breaking Dawn tote, t-shirt and two nail polishes I didn't get a chance to swatch.

First Impressions:
I am super impressed with this line. I've never had anything except a couple of polishes from Essence before so I had no idea what to expect. Two of the pigments [ two on the right] are extremely glittery so if I use those, I'll more than likely pat them on my lid on top of a glitter adhesive.

The shimmer powder is really smooth and blends well and I could see myself using it as a brow highlight. Love the blush!! It's smooth as well and as you can see, it looks pretty scary in the pan but it blends out into a soft pinky red.

I won't be using the lipstick. I think it's such a weird color and I can't think of a way it'd look good on me. The lipgloss is pretty sheer on the lips, but it's not sticky or anything so that's a plus. The eyeliner was somewhat disappointing because it took quite a few swipes to build it up to what you see in the swatch.

Overall, I can see myself using quite a few of these items and I can't wait to do a FOTD.

Did you pick up anything from this line? How did you like it? Thanks so much for reading!!