Sunday, February 9, 2014

Coastal Scents Forever Blush Haul + Swatches! [WOC]

Hey Guys!!

A little while ago Coastal Scents had a sale on their Forever Blushes and since I'd heard so many great things about them, I decided to pick up some! I have 8 of the 16 in the line and the finishes range from matte to shimmer and satin. I picked up five matte and one satin because I don't like shimmer on my huge crater pores face.

How Coastal Scents describes their Forever Blushes:

"The perfectly pigmented powder blush for a long-lasting rush of color. Complete with a mirror, the color-packed compact will go a long way."

From first swatch I can definitely agree that these blushes are incredibly pigmented! They aren't chalky and glide on the skin beautifully. These retail for $7.95USD and can be purchased on their site


They are in a matte, black, round container with a clear cut out on the front showcasing the blush inside. On the back, they have the blush name and ingredients. I think they look really great.

 The blushes themselves have an Aztec type imprint on them, very pretty!

 Color Descriptions [My Thoughts]:
  • Charming [Matte]- Cool toned light pink.
  • Elegant [Satin]- Yellow toned light pink with subtle glitter.
  •  Exquisite [Matte]- Raspberry with a red undertone. (One of my faves!)
  • Alluring [Matte]- True hot pink.
  • Radiant [Matte]- Red orange.
  • Graceful [Matte]- Midtone pink with a blue undertone. (Like Alluring, slightly lighter.)

It's so hard to choose a favorite out of the bunch!! I think Exquisite, Alluring, & Radiant will get the most use out of me in the warmer months. I think Elegant will be a great "everyday" color blush. Not gonna lie, I'm obsessed with them all!!

If you picked up any of these, which ones and how do you like them? Thanks for reading!!

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