Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Saving Face Brush Cleanser Review + Giveaway!

Hey Guys!

I don't know about you, but I hateeeee washing my brushes. I have...too many to count (seriously, it's embarrassing) and it's extremely time consuming. Someone should start a business where you can take your brushes to be cleaned, sorta like a brush dry cleaner. Oh wait!! Someone already has. :)

Meet Nichole, the beautiful face behind Saving Face, the only makeup brush cleaning service. 

"Nichole decided to make this vanity, yet necessary, service convenient and affordable to have your brushes cleaned in the same way you drop your clothes off at the dry cleaners. With options for next day turnaround or while you wait service, your brushes are returned to you, washed, sterilized and perfectly packaged.
The luxury of Saving Face allows the makeup artist the freedom to enjoy life and not be tethered to a brush and sink.  Saving Face cleans your brushes before and or after your next big event. The company opens its doors to booking of major events to be Saving Face approved or even personal every day use."

I personally think this is a great thing!! Especially if you loathe standing over the sink and getting raisin fingers like I do! Saving Face also lets you mail in your brushes if you're not in the NYC area, just visit their website to find out how.

Nichole was sweet enough to send me a bottle of her brush cleanser to try out and she also sent a bottle for one of you!

The soap is an eco-conscious soap containing no parabans, dyes, talc, sodium or scents. It only takes about a dime to nickel (depending on the size of your brush) sized amount to get your brushes squeaky clean! I usually wash brushes twice, but this cleanser got them clean with just one wash! I was very impressed.

One thing I love about this cleanser is how it lathers:

Look at that!


I could ramble on and on about how great this cleanser is, but I think the pictures will convince you more!!

Real Techniques Buffing Brush [One Wash]

Real Techniques Powder Brush [One Wash]

Now this next brush was the ultimate test. This dense brush is what I use for my foundation and the liquid gets all the way down in between the bristles, making it super hard to clean. This cleanser had no problem with it though! It even still lathered although it was dirty! 

Sedona Lace Round Top Powder Brush [One Wash]

My bristles didn't feel weighed down or stiff after they dried and they were like new. Now it's time for you to experience this greatness :)

Enter through the rafflecopter and good luck!! There will be one grand prize winner and 3 runner ups. 

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