Wednesday, March 20, 2013

CoverGirl 1-Kit Eye Shadow in Tapestry Taupe

Hey Guys!

I won a Twitter giveaway from Walgreens and in that prize pack was this single eye shadow from CoverGirl.

Tapestry Taupe is a true taupe leaning towards silver with a metallic finish.

 The texture of the shadow is very dry and because of that, one swipe doesn't give the full opacity that it's capable of.  But luckily it's buildable and when layered, it really shines. 

One Swipe | Three Swipes

The 1-Kit eye shadows come in 20 shades and are available wherever CoverGirl is sold and they retail for under $4. I recommend picking up this shade for an everyday lid color!

Do You Own Any CoverGirl Shadows? What Are Some Of Your Favorites?


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