Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Silly Lips™ Lip Balm Haul & First Impressions

Hey guys! About a week ago, Silly Lips posted on their twitter that they were looking for bloggers to review their lip balms [Thanks Morena for RTing it so I could see it!]. I emailed them, and they sent the balms right out! A little bit about Silly Lips:

From their website:
Our goal is to show you our different personalities through our products. We love that you can get to know the “silly girls” through their quirky stories located on the back of each box. Each girl is unique in her own way and that’s what makes her so beautiful. Although our company lives by the word “silly,” we do stand by each and every product we create for you by using “serious” ingredients with the highest of qualities.
We are so pleased to introduce our new line of lip balm, silly lips™, and we hope that you, not only, enjoy the moisture and aroma of this universal lip balm, but more importantly we hope you have fun getting to know the “silly girls.”
Silly Lips was created by Leila Larsen 6 years ago in her kitchen. There are three different flavors: Bekah, Katie, and Tracy named after her 3 closest friends, how cute! 
The 3 flavors are:
  • Tasty Tracy -Peach Coconut
  • Kinky Katie- Vanilla Mint
  • Bangin Bekah- Sugared Strawberry

The names are super cute and I love the personal adjectives that describe the different girls. The girls told Leila their favorite flavor, and that's the one that was named after them. There really isn't a taste to the balms and that's because Silly Lips feel that, when there are sweeteners in lip products, you lick your lips more and waste product. Smart Thinking (although I love my flavored glosses!). They smell divine, it was such a pleasant surprise!! These balms are tinted, but the pigmentation of your lips have to do with how much they show up on you.

On to the photos!

The balms in their boxes.
The tins they're in look just like the boxes.
Peach Coconut[Tracy], Vanilla Mint[Katie], Sugared Strawberry[Bekah]
Back of  Tracy's Box.

Back of Katie's Box.

Back of Bekah's Box.

Tracy, Katie, Bekah

Final Thoughts:

I think these are a great thing to have in your bag. They are pretty moisturizing and, as far as I can tell, last a fair amount of time. I've only worn the Peach Coconut and it lasts a few hours, but of course it'll come off when you eat and/or drink. My only complaint is that they're in a tin and I don't really like lip balms you have to dig into with your fingers, for sanitary purposes. I hope, as they expand this line, they'll make a tubed version as well, because I know I'm not the only one that feels that way about lip products!

Silly Lips balms are available on their website. They are $12.50 for .40oz of product. A lot of the balm doesn't need to be used, so these will last you a while! I can't wait to see what else this brand brings out in the future!

Will you be purchasing a Silly Lips balm? Which Girl do you identify with most? Thanks so much for reading!!

**Product sent by company for review but had no influence on my thoughts. All opinions are honest.**