Thursday, March 22, 2012

Weight Loss Journey

Hey guys!

 I wanted to talk about what I've been doing since January of this year... and that's losing weight! I decided that I was tired of being over weight and once I tipped into the 300lb range [yikes] I knew I needed to do something about it. I am on a weight loss program through my primary care doctor which includes a 1500 calorie diet, an appetite suppressant and a weekly B12 shot. I've also stopped drinking drinks [or soda, pop, whatever you call it lol], eating fried foods, and sugar completely. I sometimes have a cheat day, but I don't make it a habit! I haven't been exercising as much as I should be, but I will get on the ball about that. As of Friday, I've lost 26lbs and I'm very excited! My weight is plateauing now, so it's time to kick up the cardio! I'm already in a smaller pant size! Stuff like that motivates me to keep going. I hope to be down three or four more sizes by May and be #summertimefine according to Brittany on Twitter lol!*crosses fingers* That's my next goal. I really feel determined this time, I want this weight OFF!!

I don't have a set goal weight. Many have asked me that, and honestly I don't know. I've always said that when I feel comfortable in the way I look, I'll stop! I'll try to take pictures for my next WLJ post.

Starting: 308lbs

Current: 282lbs

Some Inspirational Pictures:
[They look great!]

Do you have any tips or tricks you have picked up along the way that'll help? It doesn't matter if it's exercise or food wise, any advice will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much for reading!!!