Friday, December 2, 2011

Revlon Lip Butters: Review & Swatches

Hey Guys! I'm back with another review for you. This time, it's going to be on the Revlon lip butters I'm sure you've seen many v/bloggers raving about. Well.... Here's another rave! I picked up 3 colors that appealed to me right off the bat, because I didn't want to pay $6 and change and end up not liking them!

Tutti Frutti, Sugar Plum, GumDrop

I'm happy with 2/3 of these and I'll let you know the bad apple of the group when I get to it! First up:

Tutti Frutti:

[First off, I love the name!] A bright pumpkin orange in the tube. I found when I put it on, it slightly leaned towards a reddish orange. It's not red and won't ever be mistaken for red, but it's not completely orange in my opinion. The consistency of all the lip butters are like a lipstick/balm mix, but with a glossy shine. This is one I knew I had to have because I love orange lips!!

Make sure you exfoliate your lips, otherwise they'll look like mine! EW

Sugar Plum: 

This is my favorite and I've been using it since I bought it! It's a mauve-y pink that looks great with or without a full face of makeup!


A cool toned lavender that is really really pretty. I wanted to like this color, and I do, just not on my skin tone. It's too light and it makes my lips look ashy. I wish they had made a more medium toned purple, that would've worked better for me.

Overall I love these lip butters. I think they're perfect for people who aren't big lipstick fans like myself. It's somewhat of a transitioning product to help you get into lipsticks. The glossiness of these really make me feel like I'm just wearing a opaque lip gloss. You can find these at Target and Rite Aid, I know for sure. 

Have you tried any of these? Which ones do you suggest I buy next? Thanks for reading!!!

Grade: A


Destinee (Love, Destinee) said...

Oooh Sugar Plum looks nice. I'll definitely be picking that one up next! I really love these Lip Butters, Revlon is on to something. :D

Miranda said...

sugar plum looks great on you! Sucky that one didn't work out but overall glad your happy with them! I love these!

Tamara said...

I am so glad you did this review. Ive been eyeing these since they came out, but you know my frugal self. 6$ for anything is a stretch for me. Plus, we have a skinton that is around the same so I can get an idea of what will work for me. We also have the same color interests! Soon as I saw gum drop I wanted it..but Im glad I see the results! Id mix it with my favorite lipstick or something. Im hard headed...I want to MAKE IT work for me LOL. very pretty my dear

Vee said...

Sugar plum is my fav too! These may be right up my alley because I'm not a big lipstick fan either, I'm more of a lipgloss girl :)

Jordy's Spot said...

great lip swatches!
I have been so interested in these lip butters but dont think we have them in Australia yet.
~Jordy xx

PolaBerry said...

These look gorgeous! I've been wanting to try these! I hate that I am on a makeup no buy lol..Great post

oh and to answer you question, no vanity is not LE, but I hear it will be discontinued soon

Katja said...

I want these soo badly! :)

Alela Sirah said...

I had no idea Revlon had lip butters... I really like the sugar plum!

Sandra said...

These look so gorgeous! I wish they sold them in my country!

Karma Devyne said...

I've got to try these. I know I said that when you were over here lol but I do