Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thrifted Goodies: Sleek, GDE, Miss Jessie's

Ya'll already know [or if you're new and don't know] I like to shop blog sales! There aren't many out there that have good things, but when I see something I want, I try to snatch it up asap. Well on twitter I asked if there are any blog sales going on and my twitter girl Chrys asked if I was looking to buy something. she doesn't have a blog sale up yet, but she let me see what she'd be selling and let me get first pick! How awesome is she?! Anywho, here are my goodies!

Sleek Acid Palette and Sunset palette

Miss Jessie's Samples!!! I'm so excited to try these!! =D

Glamour Doll Eyes Samples: "Jailhouse Jumpsuit","Boyfriend Sweater","Backstabber","Lovers Lane"

Swatches of the pigments in the same order as above

Have you guys bought anything good from a blog sale lately?! Thanks for reading!