Saturday, December 17, 2011

Victorian Disco Cosmetics: Review & Swatches!

Hey guys!! I wanted to share with you an awesome Indy cosmetic company. The name is Victorian Disco [that just sounds cool, right?] Cosmetics and its ran by a really sweet woman named Ashley [awesome name]! She put up a post on announcing that she was starting her own makeup line and need some people to test and review her products. Well, of course, I jumped on the opportunity! I'm probably one of the last ones to swatch though, but I e-mailed her about the situation and she was so sweet about it! So... without further are the samples I was sent!

The Cute baggie the samples were sent it, sealed with her stamp.

Four pigments and one glitter. [L-R] Yoda's Yoga Mat, Pannier, AC-130[glitter], Revolutionary Ball, and Droids.

I've been told these names have Star Wars references. I'm not sure, because I've never watched it lol ^_^

Her business card


Yoda's Yoga Mat: A soft lime green with a slight gold sheen to it
Pannier: A pewter-like grayish purple. Lol its kinda hard to describe, but its such a pretty and unique color. It has really small green sparkles in it. This is one of my favorites!
Revolutionary Ball: A navy blue with teal and green sparkles. This is my favorite one out of the samples! I love it so so much.
Droids: A soft butter colored gold. It's much more yellow than my picture is showing unfortunately
AC-130: A gold and copper glitter. I don't have a glitter base but this stuck to my hand pretty well. I would advise a base though because when I went to wipe it off my hand, it came right out.

Overall Thoughts:

I really like these shadows and I think Ashley is starting off with something really nice! I swatched all of these colors dry and without a base. They are really soft and the glitters don't seem scratchy on my skin. They are very blendable. I'd like to see more matte shadows and I don't know if she has some yet, but that'd be my only "nit pick". Thanks so much for allowing me to test out your shadows Ashley!

You can find Ashley on:

Her Etsy Shop

P.S. She now has a Sailor Moon collection!! Also, You can use the code MERRYXMAS7 for 10% off until Christmas!

Thanks for reading!