Friday, September 23, 2011


Am I the only one who's excited about summer OFFICALLY being over?! *insert happy dance here* I love going to the beach, swimming, going on picnics, family reunions, and all that other stuff but good riddance! Fall is here and I am way overdue for the cooler weather. I wish it could be fall year round because I don't like winter too much either [[yes I'm picky]]. There are a few Fall/Winter things I have on my wish list that I want to get and I thought I'd share them with you guys! =)

1. Peacoat: I love the look of these! They just look SO...chic and preppy. LOVE!   
2. Riding boots: I think these, too, look chic. They are so classic and will last a long time! 
3. Wedge booties: I fell in love with these at the store and HAD to get them! They are so comfy!
[Sry about the quality]
4. A deep mauve/purple blush: I think this color would be perfect for the colder seasons "Pomegranate" 
5. A Nude Lipstick that actually looks good on my skin complexion! "Lush Amber" [this looks nice]
6. A deep, dark typical fall color lipstick "Cyber" [gorgeous!]
7. Polishes from Fall collections! "French Quarter for Your Thoughts" "Sew Psyched"
Those are some of the things I want to be getting in the next coming months!! What are your wishlist items? Leave me a comment down below! =) *MWAH!*


glitterskulls said...

thanks for the comment. i am not naturally redheaded, although i am brunette with red tint. I want to go back red soo bad but i have to wait now!! i miss my red hair!!!

i love this post by the way, these are all wonderful items for fall and i have to get that pea coat. Fall is also my season as well!!

stay in touch!!