Friday, September 9, 2011

Let's Rock Out!


Well I wanted to do something funky and Rocker esqe and this is what I came up with!
I started off with my ridge filling Seche Base Coat. I used two coats because I really wanted to make sure my ridges were filled! After that, I used Wet N Wild's Metallica as the base. I think it is a very good silver! I could've only used one coat [[that's how opaque it was]] but I used 3 on this picture. The pink glitter is another Wet N Wild called Sparked. It's such a pretty color pink and I love it! My ring finger is about four coats, only because I wanted it to be really, really packed with glitter, but you can use 3 and get away with it! For the black art work I used L.A. Colors' art deco nail art polish in black. To make the heart, I used the tip of an old ball-point pen since I don't have a dotting tool just yet and it worked just fine! I topped it off with my Sally Hansen Strengthening Top Coat