Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Journey to Healthy, Natural Nails

I've just recently [[about a month ago]] decided to take off my acrylics and start doing my own manicures. To give you a bit of history, I've had acrylics on and off ever since I was around 12y.o. [[when my mom first let me get them done for my 5th grade graduation]]. So I'd have fake nails, take them off, leave them off for a short period of time, and then get them done again. My nails really haven't had a fighting chance. Back then, I really didn't understand that I was ultimately damaging my real nails because they would grow so long under the acrylics. I did, however, notice that when I was between Full Sets, my real nails were very very soft and would easily bend. I guess I somewhat knew it was because of the false nails but I loved getting my nails done and my real nails looked like pure crap so I kept getting them covered up. FAST FORWARD to when I was 18-19y.o. I went to a nail shop to get a manicure so I could stop with the acrylics and they looked HORRIBLE! Needless to say that steered me away from manicures for a couple of years again. One day this summer I was watching MissJenFABULOUS on YouTube [[she's amazing!]] and she mentioned something called a Ridge Filler base coat and I'm like, "....WHAT?! How had I not heard about this before?!" Anyone who has had acrylics and has had them taken off knows that they leave your nails jacked up. A ridge filler base coat [[I use Seche ]] really really helps smooth out your nails. I'm coming to you guys for help on how you have grown your nails and have made them stronger. ANY suggestions are welcomed!!! =)


brittle ugly nails

You can see the healthy nails growing in. I just have to have patience


Karma Devyne said...

Ridge fillers are the best things to ultimately help with the process, on top of that you should a good polish that has nutrients in the polish or something along the lines of nail growth/strengthener. I use Sally Hansen, they usually work the best.