Monday, January 16, 2012

FOTD: New England Patriots

Hey guys!! The summer look yesterday must've put me in a colorful mood! I decided to do a football inspired look based off the Mister's favorite team, the Patriots! Now, I'm not a NFL fan, so I pretty much root for who he roots for lol. This was fun though and I think I'll try to do other teams. 

::PSA:: I know other people have done this type of thing before and I am, in no way, copying them. This is my own interpretation and me just having fun playing around with colors I may not have put together before! That being said, here's the look:

my eyes look huge

  • The blue on my lid is the blue from the Wet N Wild baked palette Baked Not Fried.
  • The red in my crease is from my BH Cosmetics 88 Matte palette.
  • The white eyeliner in my waterline is a no name one I got from the Beauty Supply store.
  • The white is just a random white shadow.
  • The red lipstick is a no name red lipstick I had laying around [I hate myself in red lipstick!]

I hope you guys liked this look, GO PATS!! Lol. Is there another team [any sport] you guys want me to do?! Thanks so much for reading!