Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mini HAUL!

Hey guys, I haven't really been doing too many hauls here because I haul way too much stuff at one time for you look at and you'll get bored!! So, if you want to see the recent things I've gotten please check out my new YouTube page!! This haul is small [[haha I rhymed]] so I thought I'd show you some stuff I picked up!

I went into Walgreens for shampoo and OF COURSE I got sucked into the makeup aisle [you guys should've seen me freaking out]. They had allll of the new collections out!! That almost NEVER happens! But, I composed myself and only got two things I really wanted, along with the shampoo

Reviews coming soon!

  • CoverGirl Queen Collection Lasting Matte Pressed Powder
  • Black Radiance palette in Urban Jungle
  • Shea Moisture Moisture Retention Shampoo

And then the Mister & I stopped by Yankee Candle in the mall. I'd never had a candle warmer, and using the Tarts [I think they're called] are so much cheaper than candles...So I went a little crazy. Also, alot of the scents were only .50!! Score!

Currently melting the lemon one=HEAVEN! I love lemon scents!

Hope you guys enjoyed this haul! Have you tried any of these things already, if so how'd you like them? Thanks so much for reading!!!