Tuesday, January 10, 2012

QOTD && New Blog Poll

I've seen a few people express that they like to have new stuff so the can put it on their blog. I agree with that logic, but sometimes I don't want the new stuff that comes out. There are plenty of MAC collections that I bypass because nothing appealed to me. There have also been drugstore brand collections I've bypassed. If I like something, I will definitely go buy them [see Color Tattoo Shadows], swatch and review them for you. But if I don't think I'll get any use out of it, I won't buy it. Maybe that's just me and maybe my blog will suffer in the long run, but I have enough makeup I do love so there's no need to hoard more junk I won't use lol. I want to know your opinion about it though so I put up a poll on the right. You can answer there and/or answer in the comments. I'd really like to know you guys' thoughts about these things~!