Monday, January 23, 2012

| REVIEW | Sephora Collection:: Glossy Gloss

Hey guys!! I think I may have found my new gloss I love and I did it by complete accident. I have been on the hunt for a purple lip gloss for the longest. While browsing Sephora, I saw what I thought was the answer to all of my wishes. Unfortunately, it wasn't, but I did discover my new favorite lipgloss! I picked up the purple gloss in Tangy Bite and it looked beautiful in the tube, but the color didn't transfer very well onto my lips. It's okay though, because the formula and taste of it made up for the lack of pigmentation! It is not sticky, and its in a squeeze tube which is my favorite type of way to apply lip gloss. I went back a couple days later to get Cocktail On A Beach and I found it's color shows up more than my first one, so I guess it depends on the color of your lips and which color gloss you choose. They taste sweet, there isn't really a specific taste, just sweet lol! If you read my favorite lip balm post, you know I love things that taste good! These are $10USD in Sephora stores and online. Definitely go check these out!


Cocktail On the Beach

Tangy Bite

Have you guys ever tried any of these before? Thanks so much for reading!