Wednesday, August 15, 2012

W*Wednesday:: NYC Big Bold Mascara

Hey Guys!
Time to review another product =)

Wand in comparision to Maybelline MegaPlush

It's a


  •  My lashes actually double in size [the claim is 15x more volume].
  • The big brush makes it easy to get to all of my lashes.
  • It's buildable for more coverage and volume.
  • It's a drugstore product that retails for about $5.
  • It's a close contender to my HG drugstore mascara [Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express].
  • It doesn't flake.
  • It doesn't leave my lashes feeling really stiff.
  • I don't need more than two coats to get my lashes looking like I want them to.

I love this mascara so much! The only CON I have to say is that it's not waterproof. For some people, that's not a bad thing and I personally don't mind. I just wanted to let those avid waterproof mascara ladies know that tidbit! Other than that, I'm sold and it gets tens across the board!

What Do You Think?  Thanks so much for reading!!!