Saturday, August 18, 2012

TOP 5:: Palettes [4 Drugstore/1 High End]

Hey Guys!
I'm randomly going to be doing a series talking about my "Top 5 favorite [insert product type here]."

Today, It's palettes:

*NOTE* The way I number these palettes are strictly at random, there's no way I could rank them! [Clockwise]

  1. Nicka K Perfect Eighteen Colors: This is my go to palette when I want to do a bright, colorful look [look1 & look2]! I recently bought the second version [see here] and I love it just as much! These palettes are under $5 at your local Beauty Supply Store. [Swatches]
  2. Wet N Wild Vanity 6 Pan*: WnW discontinued their 6-pans and I have no idea why!! This palette is one I use if I'm limited on space and I need a palette that's all in one. This is also easy and a no brainer to grab when I'm in a rush. [Swatches/Look]
  3. Wet N Wild Comfort Zone*: These shadows are soooo buttery, it's unbelievable![look here] Of the permanent 8-pans WnW has, this is the most versatile and definitely my favorite [because I'm a neutral girl]. You can find this for about $4.99 at drugstores and everywhere else WnW is sold! [Swatches]
  4. Urban Decay NAKED: This is a cult favorite but, honestly, there's a good reason! These shadows are super creamy in texture and you have a wide range from light to dark colors. I can't use this palette alone because their matte crease shades are too light for my skin tone. I don't have NAKED2 so I can't really compare the two. You can buy this palette from Ulta, Sephora, and everywhere else Urban Decay is sold for $50[in stores specified]. [Swatches via Temptalia]
  5. Wet N Wild I Heart Matte[LE]*: This was the hardest for me to get my hands on, but I knew I had to get it. At the time this released, I was on the hunt for the perfect matte brown in my crease and once I saw swatches, the hunt began. As you can see, I've hit pan on the matte brown and it's wonderful. The other colors are beautiful as well, they're super easy to blend [as most WnW shadows are] which is very surpring because they're all matte. I hope WnW releases another all matte palette soon!   [Swatches via Nouveau cheap]
[* denotes if I've purchased a backup, a rarity]

Those are my Top 5 Palette, what are yours? Thanks so much for reading!