Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hair Epiphany

I love my hair!

I don't think I've ever ever ever said that and whole heartily meant it. Let me take you on a semi "Hair Journey". . . For as long as I could remember, my mom put my hair in braids. She knew how to do all styles but I mostly wore crochet and box braids in my childhood. When I got a little bit older, I was able to get micros and two strand twists done because she didn't know how [or have the patience] to do those. In between, I would wear my hair down and maybe get a perm. I've always hated my hair and welcomed having braids. My hair is thick, really thick, so when I would get perms it wouldn't slick my hair down like I'd see it do my friends. That made me loathe my thick hair. Why couldn't my hair be straight like Cat's? Even after a flat iron was taken to it, it wouldn't lay like other girls! I hated my hair. I finally found a perm that got it "bone straight" and I was hooked.. . .that worked about two times. After that, back to the same poofy hair. I hated my hair. THEN I decided to leave the perm alone *cue the Angel choir*. I didn't do it to "go natural", I did it because I was having horrible scalp issues like bad dandruff [ wearing black was always a bad idea], itchy scalp, and my mom said it looked like Cradle Cap. I figured it was the perm burning my scalp all the time because I would perm right after taking my braids down. I needed to let the perms go. They didn't really do anything for my hair anyway, so whats the point? Now. . .I love my hair =) I think I hated it SO much because it didn't look how it was "supposed" to look. It didn't lay down flat and it wasn't long. It was poofy and wild and all over the place. I love my wild and poofy hair! Now that I accept it for who it truly is, I've fallen in love. I never thought I'd come to this. It's awesome!!! 

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Karma Devyne said...

YAY ASH!! *claps* I really like it like this.

MissAshDG said...

Thanks boo! =)

CC xo said...

This post really made me smile ! And just to reiterate what you said. YOUR HAIR IS BEAUTIFUL! I would love it too xxx