Monday, October 17, 2011

Hanging With My Little Sister!

Hey Guys! I'm so happy to be able to write a fresh post! This weekend I went to Tennessee to visit my little sister and hang out with her for a little while. I had a lot of fun and I did not want to come home!! I only took a few pictures because I'm without a camera so my phone has to suffice!

I did a blow out on my hair and just used a headband to hold it back and added a bow on the side =) [[love bows!]]

Her Breast Cancer Awareness nails

I put press-ons on her nails [even though I REALLY didn't want to!] and painted them for her. I can't remember the names of the polish, but they were both Wet N Wild.  I cant wait to go back and visit. Hope you guys had a great weekend! =)