Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My First Henna Experience

My friend Karma of Karma Kisses had a birthday get together and it included Henna!! Now, I'd never had it before but I'd seen people with them and also had heard about Natural Hair ladies using it as well. I was very excited! I took some pictures of Karma's, Her friend Whitney's and my Henna design and just wanted to show yall =)

Karma's Henna

Whitney's Henna

My Henna =)

After the henna dried and I peeled it off

The morning after

This mean "Pisces" [U know I had to represent! haha]

Karma && I

I got my Henna done on Thursday and unfortunately it's starting to fade already :( I'd heard it was supposed to last a couple weeks though which is sucky that mine is fading. It was still a great experience anyway though!! Have you tried Henna before?? If so, what'd you use it for?? 

P.S. Check out Karma's blog! She's a newbie here but her blog already has lots of promise!



Karma Devyne said...

YAY ME!!! I made it to a blog!!! Awesomers! I didn't know that you had a pic of us; FB post it pls!

Also, yours is fading faster because it's on your hands and your hands get used a lot.

Ashley K said...

Looks awesome, I used to do henna a few years ago with my sisters but than we transitioned into actual tattoos lol. It is super fun to do tho!