Saturday, October 8, 2011

SPAM!. . .For Your Lips?!

I'm all for flavored lip products! I've told you in my past lip balm post, if it has a flavor, I'm loving it even more! But this one. . .eh. . .I don't know if I'm going to be gung-ho to go get it. It's SPAM- Lip Glaze/Balm. First off, the thought of Spam and glaze anywhere near each other makes me want to gag haha! You can find it on It's only $1.95 and is currently sold out, so maybe I'm on my own with not liking this! 

[picture from]

I did see some other neat stuff on their site that might be worth checking out though!

Uh... YUM! Sign me up for this! =D [$2.95 on]

Hell YES! Now I don't have to go to a fair or carnival! [$2.95 on]

So you're telling me I can get that delicious bacon flavor without getting popped by the grease?! *heaven* [$2.95 on]

Uh. . .I don't know about this one. I may buy it for my Bestie since she love pickles! [$2.95 on]

I REALLY don't think I like nachos this much. . . [$2.95 on]

And for my sweet flavor lovers:
*sighs* imagine if licking your lips would be like licking frosting all day! [$2.95 on]

I haven't personally tried these so I don't know how well the moisturizing factors are. I think these are neat little stocking stuffers for friends and family members since Christmas is coming around!! Which one would you pick up for yourself or your family and friends? Also, since these aren't tinted, they'd be good for your boyfriend who LOVES nachos [except you may not want to kiss him haha!] or Spam *bleh*!



Katja said...

I want the cupcake lip balm! :)

Anonymous said...

These are interesting. They make me want to gag though lol Cupcake is probably the only one I would actually buy.