Sunday, October 2, 2011

Things I've Been Loving: September Edition

It's my First "Favorites" post!! [[And I'm late lol]] WHOOP WHOOP! First, I just want to thank ALL of you for being so sweet and so kind by welcoming me here on Blogger. It's been great and I can't wait for the months to come! *ahem* Moving right along before I become too sappy [[sorry, it's the Pisces in me]], to the favorites!!

Sorry about the table, that's tape that didn't come off :/

Sleek MakeUp blush in Flushed- It gives me the perfect color for rosy cheeks; Bath & Body Works Autumn candle- OMG! This smells soooo amazing! I had the small one and had to go back and get the 3 wick size. It's a mix of pomegranate, apples, cedarwood and fir. *big sniff* ahhhhhh!

Bath & Body Works Pomegranate Citrus Scrub- This smells delicious! I only use it after I shower with my regular body wash because I want the smell to linger and I want this to last longer!!

MAC Studio Fix Foundation in NW45- this is my go-to foundation. I've always been a powder foundation lover because of my oily skin. You can get close to full coverage with this. If I need a little extra coverage, I'll use a liquid foundation under this and use Studio Fix to set it. It's great!
ELF's Glossy Gloss in Berry Blush- This gives the perfect light pink tint to my lips, it's my everyday gloss; OPI's San Tan Tonio- I cannot express my love for this polish enough! I've bought alot of polishes this month but this is my number one. I think it came out Spring of this yr so you can probably still get it. It's the perfect nude polish and it goes great under anything!

Wet N Wild's 8 Pan Palette in Comfort Zone- this palette is wonderful! As you can see, the bottom left shadow broke and I'm very sad about that because I usually use it as a crease color. This palette is a mixture of gorgeous greens, browns, and gold. I love it. It's in my makeup bag!

Ok, that's it! I hope you enjoyed that. What were some of your favorites this Month?!



Katja said...

I really want to buy stuf from bath and bodyworks but the store is not in my country D:

Sandra said...

Totally agree with the first comment! :D

And that nail polish looks really pretty!

Kelly said...

Great favorites!! I totally agree with you on the wet n wild palette. I own that one too and a lot of there others. Also wanted to tell you I really like your blog and Im following :) Keep up the good work!!


Simply_sensual said...

I love your fav's I just did my very first "FAVORITES" so I can relate to the excitement! Bath and Body works is my store. Love the blog #clicksthefollowbutton

inHERshoes said...

i just discovered sleek makeup today, lol. i was watching a youtube video and there it was. it sucks that's it's in the UK, i know they ship international but it takes about two weeks. booooo.... some say it's comparable to nyx. what do you think?