Monday, October 3, 2011

Urban Decay De-Slick In A Tube

What it is: This is Urban Decay's Gel form of their De Slick Mattifying Powder.

Their Promise: Urban Decay's gel performs anywhere, anytime: dab it on all day for touch-ups without ruining your perfectly applied makeup. It's completely color-neutral, so it works great on naked skin, under foundation, or over makeup. Formulated to help tighten pores for a youthful, shine-free finish.…

My Opinion: When I first purchased this product, I was baffled at how small it was. I did not think that I would be paying as much for such little product [.67 oz].
Next to a Sinful Colors polish

 You honestly do not need a lot though, so it's going to last you a while. I found that this did not keep me matte ALL day[nothing has yet], although it did take longer for me to feel as if I had to use my oil blotting sheets. It is color neutral and I have used it on top of my makeup, but you have to use even less than you do if you use it under your foundation because it will appear ashy. When I used it alone with no other products on my face it dried very very ashy looking. You could definitely tell I'd put something on and it stood out white on my skin, so I wouldn't suggest using it that way. I do love it because it's the closest I've gotten to making my skin stay matte longer. Like I said, it doesn't stay that way ALL day but I can definitely tell a difference between when I am wearing it, and when I'm not.

Price: $28.00USD

Where You Can Find It: Any store that sells Urban Decay products, such as: Ulta & Sephora.

Rating: 8.75/10 ~ It could be better, but it's the best I've found & I will be repurchasing!



Katja said...

That nail polish is super pretty!