Thursday, October 20, 2011

Big Lots Goodies! Reviews & Swatches

I stopped into Big Lots to see if I could find a deal on some cosmetics and I did! I found the L'Oreal HIP shadows for $1.20 each!!!!! I checked different websites like Ulta, CVS, and Walgreens and they all sell these duos for $7.99. I was SO happy I was able to get them at a bargain! 



See how amazingly pigmented they are?! I'm definitely going to be looking at other Big Lots for more of these gems. I can see myself using these a lot of different looks. I was hoping the yellow in Poppy would show up a bit more, but I'm happy to have another matte brown in my collection!! I went from having none to two sources! Awesome!

The next thing I got was some lipsticks. I've been looking for an orange lipstick and also a slightly brighter purple than Va Va Violet and I think I went too bright lol. I also picked some others that appealed to me:

I was most excited about the Peach Colada because it looked so pretty in the tube, but as you can see from the swatch, it is very very sheer. It's really hard to even see it on my lips, bummer. I'm glad I picked up Only Orange though otherwise my orange lipstick search would've been in vain! I really like that lipstick and pair it with my ELF Glossy Gloss in Tangy Tangerine. It may seem a little "summery" but I like the combo a lot and I usually wear it everyday. 

Last, but not least I picked up this baked eyeshadow palette from L.A. Colors in Praline. They are really shimmery neutral toned shadows and pretty pigmented:



I can't wait to find another Big Lots to scour through!! I hope I've convinced you to stop by yours and check out the cosmetics aisle!



Miss L said...

wow! You got some great stuff! especilly like L´Oreal eyeshadows!

Karma Devyne said...

Those are really great because I know I spent a bit on my HiP eyeshadow. But SN... We have a Big Lots here?

AmyBeth said...

Love the shadows and such a good price!!
Now following!
Check out my blog sometime!

MissAshDG said...

@Miss L - They are some of my faves!

@Karma - lol yes we do. I go to the one in Green Springs

@AmyBeth - thanks for following, I'll check it out! =)

Vee said...

I love BigLots! I always head to the cosmetics/body care section FIRST! Great find :)

Fashion Rave said...

I love the Loreal Hip duo in Roaring that blue pops. I would love to see a makeup look.

Manda said...

If you are still looking for an orange lipstick, try Crush from Rimmel. It's not super orange, but it's defiantly orange. =)