Saturday, November 5, 2011

FOTD: Colored Liner

I have two makeup hangups: False eyelashes and winged liner. I don't know if you guys have noticed, but I don't sport either in any of my FOTDs because they're the devil I can't do it!!! I've tried, watched countless YouTube videos, tried again, watched more videos, cursed people out, and tried again only to give up and sulk. It's very annoying and I won't unleash my rant. *exasperated sigh* Anyway. . .I was doing my makeup a couple of days ago, and for some reason, decided to put my liner on the bottom first and *TADA* I had something that looked like winged eyeliner!! I was using my very soft NYX Slide On, Glide On pencil in Tropical Green that I introduced to you here, so they wing isn't as "clean" as I'd like it to be but I'm getting there!!

This hair is what happens when you don't braid your mohawk up at night >.<

I used the "Rust" shadow from the NYX Trio in "Copper/Rust/Bronze" [swatched here] on my lid and the inner bottom lash line. I also used my new favorite blush, Milani's Fastastico Mauve [swatched here]. I feel so accomplished! I hope I can start doing this more often. Is there anyone out there that's still struggling with their winged liner, or am I the only soul?!


inHERshoes said...

love the look!
i can't use false eyelashes because i can't stand anything near my eyes! that is why i can't wear contact lenses either. putting eyeliner is actually challenging for me! LOL but that i can handle. sort of.

Katja said...

You have really nice lining skills!

Karma Devyne said...

YAY!! You can do it!

socialitedreams said...

congrats on getting a wing ;) have you tried with gel liner?

MissAshDG said...

@Reni- lmao you're always in the boat with me. I <3 u!

@Katja- thanks!

@Karma- I'm trying -__-

@Socialitedreams thanks! =) and I have been recently

Style4Curves said...

OMGG I HATE falsies too and hate even more this whole I'm gonna wear lashes as big as my face trend going on!!! I can't tell the trannies from the real women nowadays smdh

Ashlynn said...

I like the green! It pops out beautifully. :)