Thursday, November 3, 2011

I Think I'm Jumping On The Bandwagon. . .

Lately I've been looking for more winter appropriate type shoes. I am not a tennis shoe girl [unless it's Chucks] and if I could stay in flip flops year round, I would! I've bought a couple of boots and some flats, but I was looking for some more casual type shoes that I could just wear if I don't feel like wearing those. And I was looking at. . . .TOMS!! Now, I have not been a fan of TOMS in the past. They were just some ugly shoes that everyone were starting to wear all of a sudden. But lately. . .eh. . .I've been leaning towards them! I don't know why honestly, but they've gotten cute to me. Now I need some help from you veteran TOMS wearers: I've seen some say they run small and that I need to order a size up, but I've also seen some say they stretch out so. . .I'm really confused on which size to order? I'd like to know, as well, how easy these are to clean because if I like them, I want to get a white pair. Also, exactly how much can I wear these shoes? I saw in the past that your couldn't wear them in the rain, which sucks. So could you help me out?! It'd be greatly appreciated! I really love that they have the "One For One" program, which means for every pair of TOMS that's purchased, they give a pair to a child in need. Awesome! I thought I'd show you the pair I want to get =)

I think these could go with anything and are a good first pair! Please, if you have any TOMS, answer my newbie questions!! Thanks guys!



Candy Rain xX said...

Hey i have a pair. and like you i didn't like them at first they looked like ninja shoes lol. But now i love them.

I was told to buy a size bigger as well but i brought my own size and they came out fine and there super comfy.

I don't know about washing them though as i've only wore them a couple of times.

Candy Rain xx

Anonymous said...

I have been wearing TOMS for a couple years now. I have four pair, I LOVE them. They are so super comfy. I personally would buy them a half size smaller, which is what I did because they stretch. If you arent sure, definitely go try them on and see whats more comfortable to you.

As far as washing, Im not sure. I dont wear them enough to get them very dirty but I'd probably say a little soap and water then letting them air dry.

inHERshoes said...

ooohhh girl, i could stay in flip flops all year round, too! i love chucks and other sneakers, too. i can wear heels and i don't hate them, i just prefer flats and flip flops! i cannot believe you just got into toms! i love them! plus, always a good reason to purchase one because for every pair, a shoe-less child gets one, so it's a win-win sitch. i have two pairs but i want to get another one. will have to wait till it get warmer, it rains a lot where i am and canvas would not be a good idea :) yay for your new toms!!

MissAshDG said...

Thanks so much for your help Ladies! =)