Monday, November 21, 2011

Review: L.A. Colors Nail Polish Remover Pads

I wanted to share my thoughts on these pads I've had quite some time, but never really used. My reason for using them this time is that I'm running low on my normal polish remover and I had these in my polish bag. I would buy them again, but there are some cons that come along with that decision.

-Price: I picked these up at my local Family Dollar for $1.50
-Scent: These do not smell like normal polish removers. They really smell like peaches!
-Size:  The container is slightly smaller than a NYX cream blush.
-Acetone Free: These are very gentle with your nails and don't dry them out.
-Moisturizing: When I use these pads, it's almost like I am using a cuticle oil as well.

My nails directly after using the pads. Do u see how shiny they are?!

In comparison, my nails after using acetone polish remover

-Effectiveness: You have to use A LOT of these wipes to get your polish off.

16 wipes to remove my last manicure
-Oilness: This is really a Pro and Con. Like I said before, I like the fact that it is gentle on my nails, but I'd have to either swipe some acetone remover over my nails[which defeats the purpose] or go wash my hands in order to make my nails ready to be polished. Sometimes I just don't want to do that!

I would buy these again, but they won't be my go to polish removers. I think they're perfect for travelling or just having a couple in your bag just because. They come in 5 other scents: Grape, Strawberry, Lemon, Melon, and Pear. Also, for $1.50 they aren't too too bad. I don't think they'd do well with extremely glittery polishes, the Meep-Meep-Meep had a little glitter in it and it removed it pretty well. Have you tried these before? What do you think of them? Thanks for reading!



inHERshoes said...

girl, i use sally hansen nail polish removers and they leave my nails pretty good, get the moisturizing ones. i had the same experience with elf's nail polish remover pads, like i seriously used half of it for 3 fingers! no bueno.

C-FABulous Makeup said...

I feel like i have seen these at Dollar General before and thought about picking them up to try.. I think I will still buy them just to have.. as you suggest... for travel. Thanks!!!!


Danielle said...

I bought these recently at Dollar Tree in the Melon scent. I love the smell and only used on pad for all ten fingers. My only con is that the pads were a little too oily, the pad often slipped out of my fingers while removing the polish.

Sher said...

These pads sounds amaze but e fact that u hav2use so much in one go puts me off completely. Great for on e go I suppose,great review btw!!!

Nice blog,am following u now!

Tamara said...

I actually love these things! My Mom wasnt too happy with them for the same reasons you werent, but over all I think its great. Plus I dont have to wear a gas mask to remove my polish b/c of the acetone smell Lol (it bothers my asthma!)

Kiwi said...

I brought them once before, I like the fact that i could carry them on an airplane, as they did contain a lot of liquid. so it gave me something to do on my 9 hour flight :). But you do need a lot to get the job done :(

Kiwi ..x

Karma Devyne said...

Great review girlie! You're getting better all the time!

MissAshDG said...

@ Reni- I'll have to try those

@ Michelle- Defintely do! they're great for that!

@ Danielle- Yea, you have to watch out for that :/

@ Sher- thanks! I hope you stick around =)

@Tamara- haha no gas mask required for these.

@Kiwi- Yea you do, which sucks but since they're so cheap you can buy tons! lol

@Karma- awww thanks boo<3!