Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

*Cues Halloween theme song* 

I love Halloween! I know a lot of people who don't celebrate it because they're older and blah blah blah. That has NEVER been an issue for me. I have celebrated Halloween all 23 years of my life and I've had a damn good time doing it lol! I dress up and I go out to Halloween parties, I also go to haunted houses to get the crap scared out of me! I know horror may not be many of people's things, but it is definitely on the top of my list of favorites! This year I went to see Paranormal Activity 3 as well, I wanted to go see it at midnight[yes, I'm one of those people], but I had to work so I went the next day! On Friday night, I celebrated a friends birthday. She was having a costume party in her college's town so I took a little road trip. On Saturday, my Boyfriend and his family threw a Halloween party as well, so I was busy this past weekend! I don't have an actual camera [still looking] but I did manage to snag some pictures with my phone!

Some of the food from the party

Candy & Caramel Apples!!

Delicious white cake with raspberry filling

Red Velvet cake. Yum! [Do you see the worms?! creepy lol]


Since I'm such a Halloween fan, you probably guessed that I dressed up. Of course I did! 

My nails! [A Wet N Wild red polish: it didn't have a name; Black Mesh on the ring fingers]

I was a LadyBug!! =)

A close up on my face

On actual Halloween day I woke up with a bag full of candy hanging on my door from my mom!

She also put jewelry[Pearls, my fave!] inside. I love that the different colors have different meanings.

I'm so sad Halloween is over, but I had TONS of fun!! What'd you guys do for Halloween?! Let me know in the comments!



Nail Nerd said...

What a cute costume, I love it! I'd totally eat that tomb cake too, with or without the worms -- looks like you had a fantastic long holiday weekend, well done!!

Katja said...

Happy Halloween to you too!
Your costume is so cute! (:

Karma Devyne said...

Awesome weekend!! Your makeup came out great! Good thing we did a test run, huh? How long did it take this time, lol Costume looks pretty good too, glad you had fun!

InspirationBeauty said...

Mmm look at all that American Candy! I miss it so much.. especially 100 Grand and Mounds... yummy!

MissAshDG said...

Thanks Ladies!!

@Inspirationbeauty you can't get 100grand bars?!?!? tragic! =(