Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Princess Tiana Inspired FOTD

Last Wednesday, my friend Karma had a birthday party for her little girl Alyssondria who was turning 2!! The theme of her party was "The Princess and the Frog" so I decided to do my makeup Princess Tiana style!! It came out much better than I expected.

Now onto the Party Pictures!!

The little Princess

The Princess and her God Mom Jiji

So pretty!

Her cupcake cake!!

Lol I think Tiana's face is priceless

I had so much fun at the party! We watched Princess and the Frog *and* Lion King! The adults were into it more than the children lol we were singing all the songs at the top of our lungs. Definitely was a trip down memory lane. Thanks for reading!


Mannequins Dream said...

hahaa sounds great! and your makeup looks awesome :):) Xx

Katja said...

What a cool cake! :D

Joann said...

Your makeup is very pretty! Glad you had fun at the party. I love quoting The Lion King, especially Timone and Pumba :D

Chantel said...

Your makeup is beautiful! Nice photos. P.s. I just watched the Lion King the other day, I love that movie <3

TasteOfAVirgo said...

Your makeup do look really flawless on here bestie....

Jordy's Spot said...

The look is so gorgeous!
What a sweet little girl!! So adorable!
December Beauty Blogger will be going up later tonight :)
~ Jordy xx

MissAshDG said...

Thanks so much ladies!!! =)

Karma Devyne said...

Your makeup was great! Thanks so much for coming and having a great time!